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IT Outstaffing

You can get a cool specialist “here and now”!

Outstaffing is the opportunity to attract employees to work in the company without formalizing them as full-time staff. In other words, the employer legally uses outsourced labor. This form of relationship between the employer and the employee is called personnel outstaffing.

How can Outstaffing be useful for you?

Optimization of the economic model of the enterprise
Optimization of human resource management in the absence of the necessary resources of their own HR departments
Optimization of the business processes of the HR department and the organization as a whole
Reducing the burden on the personnel service of the enterprise
Reducing the burden on the accounting department of the enterprise
Reducing the risks of insurance and other unforeseen personnel incidents
Reducing the number of employees in the staffing table
Reducing the administrative and financial burden on the company while maintaining direct management of employees
Removal of obligations from the company in labor disputes with an employee
Ensuring maximum flexibility in personnel management and matching the amount of labor to the actual volume of work
Outstaffing IT specialists is an effective way to solve many of your tasks
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