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Home video surveillance

We offer high-quality installation of video surveillance at your home.

Before installing video surveillance, we:

Analysis – We will study the surveillance object, identify all potential challenges, and provide recommendations.

Design – We will design the system based on the tasks, budget, and specifics of the object.

Supply – We will offer a wide selection of cameras and equipment. Direct supplies from market leaders.

Installation – We will carry out the installation according to the project, complying with all requirements.

Commissioning – We will conduct all necessary checks before handover and demonstrate how to use the system.

Maintenance – We will provide warranty and support for all components of the video surveillance system.

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Providing warranties for 1 year.

We recommend installing video surveillance for a private home in order to:

protection of the territory of the site, the interior of the house from the intrusion of unauthorized persons and intruders;
observations of elderly parents, young children;
supervision of the nanny, the cleaner, the household staff;
recognition of incoming guests.

We perform installation quickly, accurately without harming your repair in the house (apartment)

In a private house or on a country plot:

📌 You will permanently solve the issue of leaving the house as the presence of cameras deters thieves; special sensors will send you messages on your phone about any movements on the plot and in the house; our cameras will show you a clear picture at any time of the day.

📌 You will be able to monitor the actions of inadequate neighbors or just troublemakers towards your plot and property, such as scratching cars, damaging fences, littering, and other damage to your property.

📌 You will be calm and provide this peace of mind to your family and loved ones at those moments when you leave for work or errands and leave children, spouse, or elderly relatives at home.

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