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Smart Home

Implementation and Configuration of “Smart Home” in Your Apartment, House, Office

The company Reshenie.UZ is a leader in the market of implementing “Smart Home” – interconnected home device systems that perform actions based on human commands or even automatically, on a schedule, or triggered by a sensor.

Types of Smart Devices

  1. Actuators: lamps, relay switches, dimmers for smooth lighting control, thermostats, smart locks.
  2. Sensors: motion, presence, temperature, door and window opening sensors, as well as leak and smoke detectors.
  3. Controllers that work with actuators. They issue simple commands like “turn on,” “turn off,” “get readings,” and so on.
  4. Remotes. They receive signals from the smart home system and transmit them to regular devices via IR signal. Great for integrating air conditioners and old TVs into smart scenarios.
  5. Cameras. They can be activated by timer, smartphone command, or signal from a sensor like motion detection.
  6. Smart appliances. Household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers that can be remotely controlled or programmed to operate at specific times.
  7. Electric actuators. Used for controlling blinds, faucets, windows, or garage doors.
  8. Voice assistants – smart speakers with voice commands like Yandex’s Alice, Sber’s Salute, VK’s Marusya, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa that capture voice commands for controlling smart home devices.
  9. Entertainment systems: TVs, speakers, streaming devices that can be remotely controlled and integrated into scenarios with other parts of the smart home.

Advantages of a smart home

Convenience. Thanks to the possibilities of automation and remote control, life becomes more comfortable: temperature, lighting, even curtains are controlled according to a predetermined scheme or according to sensor data. Turning off all the lights, closing the curtains and setting the alarm with one voice command is easier than walking around the house checking the switches.
Increased security. Surveillance cameras, motion sensors, leaks and eyes, smart locks provide more control over what is happening in the house. Even if you are thousands of kilometers away from your hometown.
Personalization. You can teach the speaker in the hallway to bark if a stranger comes to the front door. And from more domestic applications, it is necessary to set up all batteries, underfloor heating, air conditioners and breezers so that the temperature in the house is always the same, comfortable for you.
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