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Training in installation of low-voltage systems

The purpose of this training is to give students an understanding of low-voltage systems, their design, installation, and commissioning procedures. During the training phase, systems such as fire alarm, fire notification, telephone network, computer network, video surveillance system, access control system, and engineering equipment dispatching system will be covered. The stages of project implementation, network organization, channel metrics, and primary low-voltage systems are discussed. The module includes regulatory documents intended for self-study.

As a result learning You will know:

The specifics of the installation of low-current networks;
Learn typical low-current systems;
Systems for the implementation of Smart Home projects;
Video surveillance, fire and burglar alarms, communication lines, television and Internet access;
Architecture of networks of low-current systems;
Sensors and their principles of operation;
Basics of electronics;
Cameras and their installation features;
Connections of ready-made blocks (Perco/Orion);
Connectors, cables, optical fiber;
Drawing up a diagram and specification of your project;
Information transfer protocols;
Scaling capabilities;
Types and cost of equipment for the implementation of the project;
Programming and configuration of ACS
Low-voltage specialists are required at all times and everywhere.
After completing the training (as a result) we promote employment.
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