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Main Services Powder fire extinguishing systems

Powder fire extinguishing systems

Installation of Aggregate Powder Fire Suppression System in Uzbekistan

The company Reshenie.UZ is professionally engaged in the design, installation, commissioning, startup, and maintenance of aggregate powder fire suppression using AUPP (specialized systems that consist of a combination of structurally independent functional parts united if the use of standard modules is impossible).

The system includes various components:

  • Vessels, reservoirs containing powder and fire extinguishing gas;
  • Pipelines: supply and distribution with nozzles;
  • Collector for cylinder batteries and distribution nodes;
  • Automatic fire alarm;
  • Alerts, detectors, sensors;
  • Control elements: block, activation nodes, panel.

Advantages of AUPP

A fire extinguishing agent is considered universal;
Volumetric and surface treatment;
The minimum harmfulness of the substance;
There is no need to seal the room;
The system is not capable of freezing.
A powder-type aggregate system is a set of aggregates designed to eliminate fires by delivering extinguishing powder using a network of pipes with special spray nozzles.


A – traditional solid materials;
B – liquid mixtures of combustible substances (soluble and insoluble);
C – gaseous;
E – electrical equipment;
D – metals can be extinguished with fire extinguishing powders.

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