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Server migration

Assistance in migration of server equipment in Uzbekistan

The company Reshenie.UZ offers you the following types of migrations:

✔ Partial (step-by-step) migration: recommended for large companies with complex infrastructure. In this scenario, we create a roadmap and then gradually move servers according to it. This migration can take a long time, depending on the project’s complexity.

✔ Full migration: recommended for medium and small businesses with simple infrastructure. In this scenario, we develop a work plan, select the most critical areas for migration, and move servers within a few days.

Why are servers migrated?

office relocation
reducing operational loads;
improving the reliability, availability and performance of computing resources;
simplifying the server environment (for example, as part of server consolidation);
accelerate the deployment of workloads;
to ensure compatibility with certain software, etc.

Types of server migration

from one physical server to another physical server;
from a physical server to a virtual server;
from a virtual server to another virtual server;
from a physical server to the cloud;
from one solution to another;
from one version to another version within the same solution.
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