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Main Services SCS audit and diagnostics

SCS audit and diagnostics

Let’s conduct a full audit and diagnostics of your low-voltage network (systems)


Our project and installation department specialists have high qualifications and possess measuring instruments that allow for testing structured cabling systems (SCS) and auditing SCS. The diagnostics of SCS are carried out with equipment from FLUKE Networks, allowing for measurements of structured cabling systems to meet the category, including category 7.

After the work is completed, we will prepare a test report (electronic or printed format).

Engineer’s site visit – FREE OF CHARGE!

Providing warranties for at least 1 year.

In which cases is it necessary to test and audit the SCS:

Upgrading an outdated network
Checking the quality of the work performed by the contractor
Moving to a new office, which already has a SCS
Lack of documentation on the SCS
Company Reshenie.UZ provides a full range of services for the installation of cable systems - we are ready to carry out for you from scratch and turnkey - Design and Installation of SCS, LANs, WANs, optical fiber fusion, Design and Installation of video surveillance systems (CCTV), access control (ACS), Installation and design of electrical networks.

List of services included in the comprehensive audit of SCS:

📌 Conducting a comprehensive technical inspection of the existing SCS (circuit integrity, channel attenuation, transitional attenuation, signal propagation delay and line length, noise level in the line);

📌 "Search" for SCS cable lines;

📌 Testing SCS cable lines for compliance with international standards;

📌 Marking of SCS components;

📌 Preparation of Technical Documentation;

📌 Preparation and issuance of Technical Conclusion;

📌 Troubleshooting, modernization.

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