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Server security

Support and Security for Your Servers

Protecting Web Servers and Application Servers – this involves a set of measures to eliminate threats targeting these servers, aiming to safeguard web traffic, the local corporate network, and the information stored within.

The company Reshenie.UZ offers a wide range of services to protect your servers

The main types of threats are:

hacker attack on the operating system and modification of files that ensure the operation of the software;
unauthorized access to and interception of traffic;
DDoS attacks on the server;
errors in the operation of the server equipment as a result of a breakdown or failure;
human factor, such as errors in the maintenance of the web server;
intentional damage to the web server and making mistakes in its operation.

Ways to protect your servers

Web application firewall
Creating SSH keys
Installing a firewall
VPN и Private Networking
Protection against DDoS attacks
PKI and SSL/TLS encryption
Building an isolated environment
Antivirus programs
and other ways of protection...
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