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Main Services Setting up the equipment

Setting up the equipment

Equipment Setup and Commissioning

Professional and accurate setup of network equipment – an effective investment that guarantees minimization of expenses for maintaining the operation of IT infrastructure, enhancing its security, and reducing costs of business downtime in case of any failures. This service is relevant for large companies that aim to ensure the continuity of business processes with a rational use of existing resources.

Professional setup

Ruijie | Reyee
Ubiquiti | Unifi
Synology | Cisco
Dahua | Hikvision
Fanvil | Grandstream | Yealink
HP | TP-Link | other brands
We are IT market leaders - partnering with us has its advantages, allowing for accurate equipment setup for computer networks in both companies and private sectors. Among the benefits is round-the-clock communication with technical support staff, as well as the creation of custom modules for commercial software products.

Services for network equipment setup include the following tasks:

📌 Debugging main network components: routers, multiplexers, switches, service servers, and firewalls. At this stage, the network is divided into virtual and local, routing rules are created, remote access to corporate documents is configured, information transfer quality is tested, and encryption is set up for highly important documentation;

📌 Creating a wireless network system and developing Wi-Fi access points. Properly configured network system ensures correct central management, which is also reliable. In addition, users get access to special services such as Handover (transition between coverage areas of different stations);

📌 Connecting network scanners and printers. Adjusting parameters of all additional peripheral devices is done to ensure smooth operation of the entire system;

📌 Optimizing video conferencing system, including servers, general communication networks, and IP phones. Proper configuration of all system components ensures quality service and communication services implementation;

📌 Correct setup of video surveillance in industrial plants, offices in the private sector.

The quality guarantee of our work is supported by our reputation in the Uzbekistan market

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