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Installation and Configuration of Access Control and Management System (ACMS)

We will help you set up round-the-clock control and monitoring of checkpoints, entrances, driveways, office spaces, and other areas where access control and management system is required.

We have extensive experience in designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining ACMS systems.

Our reputation in the market is supported by reviews from our clients and partners.

Engineer site visits are FREE!

We provide warranties of up to 1 year.

The main objectives of the SCUD are:

imposing entry restrictions;
admission to the premises of a certain circle of people;
control of the working day;
ensuring security;
salary calculation, when integrated with the accounting system.

Advantages of SCUD

Security - The system allows you to set the access time for each employee individually. An outsider who is not included in the list of admitted persons will not be able to enter the office territory.
Working time control - The access control system allows you to set and control the time of an employee's presence and absence at the workplace. In addition, the manager will be able to take into account all the recycled hours, the amount of time spent on breaks and lunch, individually for each employee.
Cost-effectiveness - Despite the number of functions, the system does not require large amounts of electricity, while it has a long service life, and also helps to save on additional protection.

Stages of Our Work with You:

📌 Analysis - Study the facility. Identify all potential issues. Provide recommendations.

📌 Design - Create a system based on the objectives, budget, and specifics of your facility.

📌 Supply - Wide selection of equipment. Direct supplies from market leaders.

📌 Installation - Carry out installation in accordance with the design, meeting all requirements.

📌 Commissioning - Perform all necessary checks before handover and demonstrate how to operate.

📌 Maintenance - Provide warranty and support for all access control and management system components.

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