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Solar panels

Reasons to Use Solar Panels

Peak electricity consumption at businesses occurs during the day, making solar panels an ideal solution for businesses. An additional advantage of solar batteries is that they can help create a reliable energy reserve for systems where uninterrupted operation is particularly valued.

The main structural elements of the system include:

Solar Modules_Uzbekistan_Tashkent Batteries for Autonomous Kits_Uzbekistan_Tashkent Controller_Uzbekistan_Tashkent Electric Switchboard_Uzbekistan_Tashkent

Solar Cable_Uzbekistan_Tashkent Support Structures_Uzbekistan_Tashkent MC4 Connectors_Uzbekistan_Tashkent Inverter_Uzbekistan_Tashkent

Solar modules; Battery for autonomous kits; Controller; Electric shield
Inverter; Support structures; MC4 connectors; Solar cable

Solar panels have the following advantages:

environmental friendliness of the installation;
long-term use, during which the performance characteristics of the panels remain consistently high;
technologies rarely break down, so they do not need service and maintenance, as well as expensive repairs.;
The use of solar-powered batteries allows you to reduce the cost of electricity and gas in the house;
solar panels are extremely easy to use.
To achieve good productivity, it is necessary to choose the optimal angle of inclination of solar panels depending on the region. This indicator is different for each region.
Reshenie.UZ – a provider of a full range of services and comprehensive solutions in the field of solar energy to meet the needs of any customer for various market segments.

We implement projects of any complexity tailored to the diverse needs of customers, including design, construction, and commissioning works.

The quality guarantee of our work is supported by our reputation in the Uzbekistan market

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