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Parental control

Parental Control feature will be useful in any family!

You will always be aware of how much time your child spends on the computer, phone, tablet, which websites they visit, and what games they play. One of the main options of parental control is setting the time for turning on and off your child’s computer or gadgets. By setting fine-tuned settings, you can restrict your child from turning on the computer or gadgets, for example, after six in the evening. As a result, they will not be able to log in or perform any other functions in that device, which will be subject to certain restrictions.

Types of control

At the network level. They are installed directly on the router and applied to all devices connected to the router in the home network (covering all home gadgets).
At the device level. They are installed on the device itself, for example, a smartphone, tablet or computer, and are used regardless of when and where the device is connected to the Internet.
At the software level. They are installed in the operating system or in the application used. For example, Google search settings or watching videos on YouTube. You need to make sure that the restrictions are set on every device that the child has access to.

What can be controlled?

Filter and block content that you don't want children to see, such as violence and pornography.
Set time limits on how long children can stay online.
Control the time of day when children can access the Internet.
Set different profiles so that each family member has the appropriate access level.
Parental control (RC) is a set of functions on a phone or PC that you can use to limit and control the use of the Internet and programs
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