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Main Services Installation of barriers

Installation of barriers

Restriction of movement of vehicles at various sites.

We carry out the installation of barriers: in secured areas and private parking lots, in courtyard areas, in shopping centers, and at railway crossings (the barrier allows controlling vehicle entry, preventing through traffic, as well as unauthorized parking of vehicles not belonging to the owners)

We have extensive experience in designing, installing, commissioning, and servicing barriers.

Our reputation in the market is supported by reviews from our clients and partners.

Engineer site visits are FREE!

We provide warranties for up to 1 year.

The barriers installed by us have certain advantages:

remote control;
high reliability, due to a very durable housing;
the details of the structure are not affected by the environment;
low weight;
The boom is made of very durable aluminum;
Reflective stickers are available;
it is possible to fix the arrow in a certain position;
intensive operation;
operation over a wide temperature range;
additional mechanisms can be connected;
Barriers are divided into types: electromechanical, automatic and hydraulic.
The installation timeline of the barrier depends primarily on whether it is automatic, mechanical, or hydraulic. Mechanical barriers are installed a little faster.

Our work stages with you:

📌 Analysis - We will study the barrier installation site, identify all pitfalls, and provide recommendations.

📌 Design - We will design the system based on the tasks, budget, and specifics of the site.

📌 Supply - Wide selection of equipment. Direct supplies from market leaders.

📌 Installation - We will carry out the installation in accordance with the project, meeting all requirements.

📌 Commissioning - We will perform all necessary checks before handover and demonstrate how to use it.

📌 Maintenance - We will provide warranty and support for all barrier system components.

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