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Main Services Integration of ACS, Face ID, CRM, 1C

Integration of ACS, Face ID, CRM, 1C

Integration of ACS, Face ID, CRM, amoCRM, Bitrix, 1C

The company Reshenie.UZ carries out integration of various access control systems, Face ID, CRM, amoCRM, Bitrix, and 1C accounting systems, providing a range of benefits for businesses.

Our integration will be convenient for employee management: Integration allows automating employee management processes. Access rights management for each employee within the organization is based on their role and responsibilities, simplifying the administration process and reducing the time spent on access management.

We will set up Centralized Management for you, providing access management for all systems and applications used by the company.

The main advantages of integration

Flexible configuration for any business processes of the company.
Automation and formation of a report card in 1C, takes into account complex work schedules and any deviations (sick days, vacations, overwork, going off-shift, etc.).
Simultaneous data exchange with several SCARCE ones at once.
Configuring access rights through access control points by assigning access groups and levels to employees or specifying specific access control controllers
Setting restrictions for employees in the context of work spaces for more accurate accounting

Результаты интеграции

Improving employee work discipline
Reducing the amount of remuneration for undisciplined employees in proportion to their shortcomings
Reduction of labor costs for keeping time sheets
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