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Main Services Fiber optic Line (Fiber optic cable)

Fiber optic Line (Fiber optic cable)

Services for installation, repair, and adjustment of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL)

The company Reshenie.UZ provides services for the installation of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) at facilities of any scale and direction. We work with any types of optical cables and optical components. Our specialists are ready to provide any consultation in the field of FOCL installation and optical components.

We have extensive experience in designing, installing, adjusting, and maintaining FOCL.

Our reputation in the market is supported by reviews from our clients and partners.

We guarantee high-quality installation and careful selection of equipment for the fiber-optic line, as unsuitable or low-quality equipment can critically affect the reliability and efficiency of the entire system. You can purchase FOCL system components in our store. We have quality certificates for all groups of goods.

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Providing warranties for up to 1 year.

The main advantages of optical communication lines:

High data transfer rate
The ability to use the fiber optic cable over long distances
High security of the fiber optic communication line
Absolute protection against external interference
important! The high cost of optics is a common misconception. Recently, there has been a significant decrease in prices for optical components, and therefore the use of HAIR has become available to almost every company. Moreover, more and more often optical communication lines are being used in the private sector, which indicates the full availability of fiber optic communication systems for almost any consumer.

Among the main stages of installation of fiber-optic communication lines, we highlight:

📌 Works on laying optical cables, which include laying cables according to the project inside and outside the premises, as well as deploying a local network when necessary;

📌 Installation of optical equipment, including straight and branching optical couplings, cross-connect cabinets, optical boxes;

📌 Optical fiber welding.

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