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Main Services ANPR (Auto Number recognition)

ANPR (Auto Number recognition)

Installation and Configuration of ANPR Cameras with License Plate Recognition Technologies

We will help you set up round-the-clock monitoring and control at checkpoints, entrances, roads, office spaces, workshops, warehouses, and open areas.

We have extensive experience in designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining ANPR systems, Face ID, and video surveillance.

Our reputation in the market is supported by reviews from our clients and partners.

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Providing warranties for up to 1 year.

How is the ANPR system useful?

Control of entry and exit to the territory. Opening of a barrier, a gate for the passage of transport;
Navigation in the parking lot. Automatic detection of free parking spaces and the direction of vehicles along the shortest route to them;
Fixing the toll collection numbers ensures free access to the closed area;
Multilingual recognition;
High percentage of alphanumeric characters detection - 95% -98%;
Fast recognition speed - the process takes about 100 milliseconds.
Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology uses optical recognition characteristics to read car license plates.

Stages of our work with you:

📌 Analysis - Study the surveillance object. Identify all potential challenges. Provide recommendations.

📌 Design - Create a system based on objectives, budget, and object specifics.

📌 Supply - Extensive selection of equipment. Direct supplies from market leaders.

📌 Installation - Perform installation according to the design while meeting all requirements.

📌 Commissioning - Conduct all necessary checks before handover and demonstrate how to operate.

📌 Maintenance - Provide warranty and support for all components of ANPR systems.

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