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Main Services Face ID (face recognition)

Face ID (face recognition)

Installation and Maintenance of Face ID Systems (Facial Recognition)

We will help you organize round-the-clock monitoring and control of houses, entrances, office spaces, workshops, warehouses, and open areas.

We have extensive experience in designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining Face ID and video surveillance systems.

Our reputation in the market is supported by reviews from our clients and partners.

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Providing warranties for up to 1 year.

Key features of the system

Face detection (The system detects facial features, ignoring extraneous objects).
Recognition from the video stream (Auto-identification of new faces, as well as those previously entered into the system database).
Working with lists (Creating lists by person search and event reports).
Demographics of visitors (Determining the demographics of visitors, generating a report on the target audience).
Convenient notifications (Receive push notifications about the identification of a new person and when a person is detected from the list).
Search (Allows you to recognize a face from a photo and display all detections for this person).
ACS (Face access control system, face mask detection and body temperature monitoring).

Who benefits from this system?

Shops (Theft prevention, identification of regular visitors).
Banks and MFOs (Improving security and quality of service, combating fraud).
Construction sites (Detection of violations and control of entrance to the territory).
Offices (Accounting of employees' working hours and control of entry/exit).
Private houses (Supervision of service personnel)
Face recognition — cameras with this function are capable of at least recognizing the presence of faces in the frame, but the further use of this data and the special functionality of such cameras may be different. So, relatively simple models react only to the fact of detecting a face, but even this gives quite extensive additional features: focusing on the face, accompanying a person in the frame. More advanced cameras can recognize characteristic facial features that can identify a specific person.

Stages of our work with you:

📌 Analysis - Study the observation object. Identify all the pitfalls. Provide recommendations.

📌 Design - Design a system based on the tasks, budget, and specifics of the object.

📌 Supply - Wide range of equipment. Direct supplies from market leaders.

📌 Installation - Carry out the installation in accordance with the project, meeting all requirements.

📌 Commissioning - Conduct all necessary checks before handover and demonstrate how to use.

📌 Maintenance - Provide warranty and support for all elements of Face ID systems.

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