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Main Services Electrical installation works

Electrical installation works

We perform all types of electrical installation works

What do electrical installation works include:

  • Obtaining necessary information about the electrical installation object – conducting measurements, studying existing project documentation, engineering surveys.
  • Preparing a project of internal and external electrical networks based on the received data and requirements of regulatory documentation.
  • Selection and supply of components, equipment, materials for installation to the object.
  • Directly carrying out electrical installation works, which includes laying cable lines, installing and connecting protective, distribution, and other equipment.
  • Commissioning. The system is supplied with operating voltage, the operation of connected devices and installations is checked, parameters are monitored. If necessary, defects are rectified, and additional settings are made.
  • After successful completion of the tests, the installed system is put into operation.

What are we doing

electrical installation of outdoor and indoor lighting;
advertising illumination;
electrical installation works for lighting streets, parks, and courtyards;
installation of various fixtures;
installation of low-voltage power equipment, as well as its connection to the power line;
installation of substations of various types;
installation of automatic complexes and control systems;
installing automatic devices;
other types of electrical work.
All technical measures related to electrical installation work should be performed only by specialists who meet the qualification requirements and have the appropriate permits. At each stage, it is mandatory to comply with all regulatory requirements, including electrical safety and fire safety standards.
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