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Main News Outstaffing in IT

Outstaffing in IT

29 February 2024

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IT Staff Outsourcing is a one-time employee exchange, which involves “leasing” employees to another legal entity for a short period. In this case, companies can hire workers to perform specific tasks permanently without employing them. We are very pleased to assist you in this situation by providing a professional to perform specific duties in the field of IT technologies.

Advantages of IT Staff Outsourcing

 The main feature is that there is no need to hire new employees for work at the enterprise, paying taxes, while the main worker temporarily cannot perform his duties.

Some situations require the involvement of external specialists to solve specific tasks. Let’s give an example:

– To implement a project, it is necessary to involve several technical specialists.

– The company’s permanent employee is replaced for the period of vacation, business trip, or sick leave.

– The enterprise does not have enough employees in this field.

– Opening a business abroad.

This will also allow companies to save on management, insurance, and tax liabilities. All responsibility shifts to the outsourcing company.

Alternative Interaction Models

 Currently, there are 3 lines of IT specialist support:

  1. First Line

These specialists deal with solving everyday user tasks. They can fix a printer, reinstall the operating system, and other simple tasks.

  1. Second Line

The IT specialists in this group need to perform more complex tasks. Installing and configuring servers, as well as installing network equipment, are in their competence. Employees who do not have contact with users and are ready to help the first line in emergency situations.

  1. Third Line

These are experts in the field of information technology with the above-mentioned lines. Thanks to this, they can carry out the most complex projects with special responsibility when transitioning to the third line.

Specialists can work with clients from different lines, but in any case, they simultaneously work through outsourcing.

What are the benefits of outsourcing for your company?

 No need for HR work

You don’t need to hire an employee. We will take care of everything related to staff recruitment.

  1. As a result, you can reduce labor and payment costs.

Our work is decent pay for employees. Our employees do your work qualitatively and on time, receiving a good earned salary from us.

  1. No tax payments for the specialist

All our employees are officially employed, which means we take care of taxes.

  1. Replacing employees is not a problem.

In any case, it does not matter what happened to the specialist who was sent to you. In case of any situations where he cannot perform his functions, a replacement will be made, with a similar qualification, by another employee. We guarantee that the specialist will be provided to you.

The main advantage of the company in providing services is the conclusion of a contract. All rights and obligations of the parties under the agreement will be reflected in the document.

Currently, the selection of IT personnel for clients is carried out according to their needs and capabilities. Complex issues are always resolved by replacing or attracting additional specialists.


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