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Main News IP telephony for the call center

IP telephony for the call center

29 February 2024

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The modern level of technology allows telephone communication to be highly automated. With these technologies, call center operators don’t have to manually dial the outgoing number when receiving an incoming call. Special programs handle this task, and compact USB headsets have replaced telephone devices. Through the use of IP telephony technology, call centers can be set up anywhere in the world. Colleagues can be located both on-premises and off-premises.

Why Choose IP Telephony?

IP telephony services offer several advantages over other communication methods. Some of them relate to businesses and are less relevant to webmasters. In general, these are:

– Reduced equipment costs. Only a computer, headset, and internet cable are needed.

– Functionality. Call forwarding, recording, storage, and setting up voice menus are possible.

– Integration with CRM systems. This is crucial for any business. Integration with systems like 1C, Bitrix24, and Amo is not a problem.

– Network expansion. You can start with just yourself on the phone today and hire several operators tomorrow. With IP telephony, you can now set up office telephony without additional cables and wires.

– Mobility. IP telephony can be used from a mobile device. Any customer issue can be resolved from anywhere in the world. To set up call forwarding, you just need to access your mobile settings.

Saving on Rates

Currently, switching to IP telephony is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money.

Typically, rates for long-distance and international calls are much lower compared to traditional mobile operators. For communication with colleagues and clients within the company’s office, there are free calls within the corporate network. You can communicate for free with your colleagues in different cities and countries. There’s no need for roaming. You won’t have to pay for work-related calls if you’re on a business trip.


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Handling Incoming Calls

The Naumen Contact Center service allows you to handle all types of phone calls – calls from PSTN, mobile phones, and websites. Thanks to automatic call distribution to operators with the skills and capability to handle various projects. The system automatically distributes calls based on priority, according to defined time limits for response waiting. Dialogs that automatically open when connected to a subscriber can be configured in the phone settings.

However, compared to other systems, Naumen Contact Center can quickly identify the reasons for service level (SL) declines. With this panel, all key parameters can be viewed. When there’s a sudden change in inbound/temporal flow (AHT), after-call work (ACW), and other factors, the manager decides how to address the problem.

What a Call Center Needs for IP Telephony Integration

To choose a platform for building a call center, consider whether you will have your own PBX or a virtual one. To switch from a mini-PBX to IP, you need to purchase a VoIP gateway. There’s no need to change the number; the tariff will simply decrease, and other features will become available, with more analytics.

You can work with the remote management system and receive statistics in your personal account.


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