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Main News QNAP camera and video surveillance system

QNAP camera and video surveillance system

29 February 2024

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Nowadays, video surveillance systems are increasingly being used to monitor objects. It’s now possible to track movement in the frame and capture vehicle license plates.

For vehicle license plate identification using optical recognition technology, a special system called ANPR has been developed.

ANPR systems, developed by camera manufacturers, have been integrated into video surveillance cameras. This increases the level of security and efficiency. The ANPR technology developed for video surveillance cameras is more cost-effective compared to traditional video surveillance systems.

All in One Place

Unlike other similar systems, ANPR already contains all the necessary components for license plate recognition: a data processing unit, a camera with infrared illumination.

All these devices are housed in a sealed IP65-rated enclosure. The device is managed via a web interface over the global network.

Key Technologies

The ANPR system complex includes cameras and software, running either on the camera or on a server. With an advanced algorithm, it’s possible to capture images of license plates in real-time.

When using this system as a basis for deep learning, it provides the following benefits:

Common Usage Scenarios

According to experts, ANPR can be used in various scenarios, such as:

– Traffic rule violations or running a red light.

– Checking vehicle registration and presence of a license plate.

– Activation signal for automatic warning in case of passing vehicles from the “black” list.

– Additionally, the camera is integrated with the contactless payment system to avoid queues at entry points. The advanced automated payment system allows for smooth movement and registration of vehicle license plates.

– Automatic parking space detection system.

– Control over entry and exit.

How to Properly Install Cameras for Vehicle License Plate Recognition

For quick license plate recognition, the camera should be installed at an angle of not less than 5 degrees.

The horizontal angle when mounting from the front should not exceed 30 degrees. The minimum image size for shooting at a height of 6 meters is 10.2 meters.

For side mounting, the angle between the road line and the camera should be less than 30 degrees, i.e., if the camera is installed at a height of 2 meters above the road level, the image size will be at least 7 meters.

A plate with 70-250 pixels for recognition will be optimal for effective operation with objects.

As tests have shown, the ANPR camera performs excellently during operation and does not lose its quality. Typically, in 99% of cases, the camera accurately captures the vehicle model, make, and license plate. This solution to the license plate problem was found thanks to the use of a new video surveillance system. It eliminates glare from license plates from IR illumination and blurring of signs at speeds exceeding 30 km/h. Undoubtedly, the DHI-ITC 238-PU1B – L camera is one of the best cameras for license plate recognition.

| Properly and Qualitatively Install ANPR Video Camera

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