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Main News Designing IP PBX telephony

Designing IP PBX telephony

29 February 2024

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It is impossible to imagine the operation of any company without quality telephone communication. In offices and enterprises, telephone communication provides convenience for communicating with customers and partners, promptly informing colleagues about work processes, and interacting with various company departments.

Some business processes can be simplified, saving time and money, through optimizing employee workflow.

A few years ago, if you asked a specialist, “How to provide the company with proper telephony?” they would advise installing a mini-PBX. Today is a time of change and development. The opportunity to profit from using IP telephony is becoming possible not only for IT users but also for company administration. Currently, VoIP is gaining popularity in the field of communication and telecommunications. Without hesitation, choose IP if you want to save and get more capabilities from telephony.

Corporate IP telephony systems exist in several variants. The most common option is Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX). VOIP serves as the primary transmission channel for IP-PBX subscribers. PBX telephony is the main tool for connecting remote offices into a single network.

Implementation Varieties of IP-PBX Telephony

You can use software to implement PBX telephony or have a corresponding hardware complex. The software method involves connecting all office telephones to a single digital telephone server. With the hardware complex method, everything is much simpler – the LAN already exists, and the signal is transmitted over it.

It is best to install a PBX station in a small company. In this case, it will work with 200 user numbers. For this station, the advantage is using both regular and IP phones.

Advantages of the IP PBX Asterisk Telephony Program

Asterisk is the most popular program for PBX, which has many advantages over other similar systems. To use it, you will need a dedicated computer with Asterisk software installed. To work with fixed nodes, the server needs a board for using analog, broadband, or digital E1/T1 communication lines. Compared to conventional PBXs, the cost of such a board is much lower. In this case, we are talking about working via the Internet.

Here are the main features of the Asterisk server:

– The PBXs in the Asterisk server are its full functionality.

– You get much more for less money.

– Asterisk is currently actively used in any company.

– The company has the right to use a powerful communication tool that includes voicemail, voice menu, and call recording functions on a small budget.

– Asterisk will help you find the optimal route and save on calls in small businesses. With VoIP telephony, you can make long-distance calls. Using a GSM gateway, you can make calls to mobile phones.

– The main functions of the company include recording telephone conversations. This technology will help firms improve customer service by monitoring employee activities. Call and conversation recordings are often kept for a long time.

– 1C Enterprise and CRM have a simple integrated Asterisk IP PBX system. Integration increases call processing speed.

– IP PBX Asterisk allows you to transmit fax data without using paper.

Planning to open an office? Thanks to the Internet, you can connect it to Asterisk servers, no matter where you are.

Our company provides telephony services for various businesses. For many years, our specialists have been working in this area. Our employees have a high level of professionalism and provide an individual approach to each client.

Your office telephony will be equipped with the latest equipment. Call the phone number listed on the website and order the service now.


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