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Main News What is IT outsourcing? What is the benefit of OT outsourcing?

What is IT outsourcing? What is the benefit of OT outsourcing?

29 February 2024

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IT outsourcing is a term that means a company takes on the maintenance of enterprise infrastructure as well as external IT support.

The client company orders IT services from another company specializing in providing IT services. To establish business relationships with customers, it is necessary to carry out technical maintenance of computers or servers, as well as to configure security and virtualization.

Comprehensive outsourcing includes services such as:

– Full monitoring of all infrastructure objects 24/7.

– Installation, configuration, and updating of software.

– Backup of important data.

– Quality and timely provision of information security Conducting employee training.

Can you do without outsourcing?

It is also possible that a system administrator suddenly falls ill or goes on vacation. Who will take care of the development and implementation of the IT infrastructure?

Or the workload on employees has increased from summer to autumn. The company is forced to find someone who can complete the work on time.

Why not use the services of an IT specialist who can work remotely or on-site? You won’t have to lay off anyone. To avoid problems with staff shortages, you can enter into a contract with a company that provides IT outsourcing services.

The likelihood of losing time searching for a qualified specialist is reduced because you can do without hiring them. However, if there is a need for a sharp reduction in staff in the company, this can be easily done by simply changing the terms of the contract with the IT company.


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Types of outsourcing

Also, IT outsourcing includes many different aspects related to IT technologies. The choice of type of service depends primarily on the goals set by the company.

  1. Strategic – provides support for the entire range of work related to the company’s IT infrastructure from design and installation to monitoring, current state, and further development. The outsourcing company directly manages the entire IT sphere.
  2. Resource – employees are selected by the outsourcing company and perform the work assigned by the customer. And he himself determines the work schedule of the company’s employees, as well as sets them tasks, monitoring their implementation. The responsibility for the final result lies with the customer.
  3. Service – according to the terms of the contract, the outsourcing company takes on the obligations to work of the established service, which leads to an increase in the quality of equipment operation and a reduction in operating costs.

Who is service IT outsourcing for?

With the help of IT outsourcing, you can solve the following tasks:

– Business must be provided with uninterrupted operation and network development when opening.

– During the company’s development – when the tasks set were much higher than the existing qualifications of the employees, a team of professionals capable of solving complex tasks is required.

– To improve the quality of services provided, it is necessary to use a new management system.

It should be noted that competent work of the IT infrastructure allows avoiding failures in the operation of business processes. The service for providing IT services is provided to all legal entities. During the operation of companies on network equipment and computer equipment, malfunctions may occur, leading to equipment failure. And this is another factor that leads to downtime and financial losses. An outsourcing company will be able to provide you with uninterrupted, high-quality operation of the entire system.



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