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Main News The business of installing charging stations for electric vehicles

The business of installing charging stations for electric vehicles

29 February 2024

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Electric vehicles used to be mere toys for the non-affluent owners, but in recent years, the situation has changed dramatically. Today, almost every car manufacturer strives to offer electrically chargeable cars for sale.

Charging stations in Uzbekistan are becoming more relevant nowadays as the number of alternative fuel vehicles is increasing, opening up business opportunities.

Our company can assist in opening a business in electric car charging. Investing in infrastructure for electric cars is a very profitable venture.

Types of Electric Car Charging Stations

For charging stations, charging speed, power, charging format, current type in the network, and types of connected connectors are characteristic.

They are divided into devices:

– Automatic and manual.

– With cable connection.

– With connection via a pantograph.

– Using an induction platform.

All this affects the cost and payback period of the charging station.

When choosing a charging station for business, it is worth paying attention to fast charging. Charging stations with slow charging speed are usually installed in residential parking lots. These stations are used for private purposes, meaning the car’s battery is replenished from a home outlet over several hours.

For an investor who wants to install a charging station near a shopping center or cafe, this is not quite suitable. Which electric car enthusiast will agree to wait that long? They would want to charge their vehicle within 40 minutes while strolling around the mall or having lunch at a roadside cafe.

Therefore, for investing in a charging station business, it is better to use models with fast charging speed for electric car batteries.

Installation Location

As a rule, this is the biggest problem for those engaged in this type of business. Conduct a deep analysis to find the most profitable and passable places for installing a charging device. Initially, it is necessary to find out the number of electric vehicles in a certain area, talk to their owners, identifying the most acceptable places with high throughput for installing charging stations.

Then you will need to communicate with local authorities, complete a bunch of paperwork, and only then start installing a charging station with the help of our company.

According to experience, drivers find it convenient to charge when visiting cafes, supermarkets, and restaurants.

What Does a Car Charging Station Look Like?

An electric car charging device may resemble a regular socket, but usually, in the business version, it looks more like a gas station. It is equipped with one or several connection ports, a display, RFID readers, and buttons. Some models have a Plug&Charge format (plug in and charge). Without a display, they activate automatically when connected to an electric vehicle. Within the framework of using a specific platform, all communications with the charging station occur through applications on users’ smartphones.

Advantages of Investing in Charging Stations

– Joining a large network.

– Investing in the future.

– Helping improve the environmental situation in Uzbekistan.

– Obtaining a stable source of income.

To make business investments based on charging stations, you should call our company; qualified specialists will answer all your questions and assist you with equipment installation. We are interested in any cooperation proposals.


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