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Main News Solar panels for an apartment building

Solar panels for an apartment building

29 February 2024

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When people talk about solar panels, they assume they are only used in country houses or cottages. Few know that devices consuming solar energy are even installed on the roofs of apartment buildings. Such practices are very popular in Europe, and it’s pleasing to know that Uzbekistan is also catching up. Over a hundred residential buildings in Uzbekistan are equipped with solar panels from Reshenie.UZ, significantly reducing lighting expenses.

What are the benefits of using solar panels in apartments?

  1. Power from renewable energy sources. The energy received from the sun in solar panels is renewable. Electricity will be supplied to a person’s apartment regardless of their location as long as the sun is shining, and they have solar panels installed.
  2. Various uses. Solar panels can provide electricity to the house and heat water.
  3. Reduction in electricity bills. By connecting solar panels to the energy system, everyone can protect themselves from the annual increase in utility payments.
  4. Guaranteed year-round efficiency. The solar panel works throughout the year; its entire resource of electricity generation is utilized in sunny winter and summer months.
  5. Environmental friendliness. Solar energy usage does not emit harmful greenhouse gases and other pollutants, saving one ton of CO2 per year.
  6. No maintenance required. Modern solar panels do not require maintenance. After installation, they should be kept clean, ensuring that trees do not obstruct the solar system. Equipment cleanliness can be maintained by installing solar panels on a pitched roof. In this case, the system can be cleaned of dust with precipitation. Ground-based solar panels require more problematic maintenance, involving brushes, hot water, and detergent.
  7. Technological breakthroughs. As technology advances and research continues, solar panels will be necessary for every consumer in the future. Changes will soon be made to the technology and design of solar panels, making them remain popular.

Solar Panel Structure

Small-sized but sufficiently powerful solar panels are installed on the balconies of apartment buildings. In this case, it is necessary to find a compromise between dimensions and power. The composition of the batteries includes the following elements:

– Batteries.

– Enhanced solar panels with photovoltaic elements.

– Inverter.

– Control system.

How Solar Panels Work

The components of the photovoltaic elements of solar panels form a panel by connecting to each other. They have the unique ability to generate energy under the influence of sunlight. The panel’s area and material affect the amount of energy produced: the current is output to the inverter, where it is converted into alternating current for household use. Energy is stored thanks to the battery. As electricity accumulates, it gradually delivers it, even when there is no sun.

Reshenie.UZ offers a full range of service services, including installation and maintenance of solar panels from any manufacturer. We carry out the installation of solar panels and provide consultations on their use from any manufacturer. We apply professional software to perform design work, thus designing ACS with maximum accuracy based on your preferences.


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