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Main News Smart Office Automation Services

Smart Office Automation Services

29 February 2024

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The operation of lighting, heating, and ventilation devices in offices is always monitored. Manual activation of devices requires a lot of time. But that’s not all; adjusting their operation is quite a complex task.

Thanks to office management systems, these actions are much easier to perform. The developers of the “Smart Office” project by Reshenie.UZ in Uzbekistan strive to create reliable and comfortable conditions for employees’ work processes. An automated system can reduce expenses for building operation and maintenance. Engineering and information systems are integrated into a single network of automated control. They not only complement each other but also contribute to the more efficient operation of the entire enterprise.

Main Authorized Tasks

Using modern technologies, the office solves many tasks, among which the following can be highlighted:

  1. A variety of ways to control office lighting, including turning lights on and off when employees are absent. In this case, it significantly reduces electricity consumption.
  2. The climate control system allows solving tasks of providing a comfortable climate for office work and saving on heating. With the “Smart Office” systems, you can set the desired temperature and air humidity in the room using automatic mode, according to the work schedule, season, and other criteria.
  3. The smart office ensures maximum security on the premises. Sequential use of surveillance systems with security alarms and fire alarms allows the user to monitor the system’s operation in case of emergencies alongside management tools.
  4. To create a unified multimedia system in the office, automation tools can be used, making it easy to use audiovisual devices for conference rooms.

Benefits of the “Smart Office” Service

There are at least five reasons why managers and entrepreneurs choose the “Smart Office” system:

– The level of security and awareness of emergency situations and employees increases.

– Real growth in employee efficiency is observed.

– Due to concentration and automation of important tasks, business operations become more coordinated and productive.

– Workspaces become more comfortable, significantly enhancing the company’s competitiveness and employees’ productivity. After all, the work environment in your company is more comfortable than that of competitors.

– With this system, you can improve work processes and increase labor efficiency while saving resources.

The professional team of Reshenie.UZ in Uzbekistan, with extensive experience, is engaged in the installation, design, and configuration of automated systems in offices. Our company’s qualified personnel guarantee and promptly carry out office automation. A convenient office life support system has been developed, allowing the client to manage it independently. If there is a need to increase the number of sensors and equipment, the system expands.

The management systems we have developed work through mobile device applications. Users are provided with remote access for full control over the automation system and its management. It is also important to note that the quality of equipment directly depends on the price-quality ratio.


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