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Main News Smart home – a new level of comfort

Smart home – a new level of comfort

29 February 2024

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A smart home is an intelligent high-tech system that integrates all communications based on artificial intelligence control, programming, and customization to the customer’s desires. Thanks to Reshenie.UZ in Uzbekistan, fully controlled processes are carried out over lighting and curtain control, room ventilation, underfloor heating, water leakage system, creating an ideal atmosphere at home.

Advantages of the “Smart Home” System

  1. Convenient Functionality

With the “Smart Home” system, you can enhance your country home, providing comfort to the hosts and guests.

  1. Time Saving

With built-in motion sensors that react to approach, devices are turned on and off if you forget to do so.

  1. Maintains Comfortable Conditions

The “Smart Home” will regulate room temperature to maintain a comfortable environment for the hosts.

  1. Your Property is Secure

To prevent burglary attempts, the built-in security system will send a signal to the security service. Every step of uninvited guests will be recorded on a video camera. Leak sensors can prevent possible gas or water leaks.

  1. Comfort Preserved at Home

Enjoy daily comfort in the room effortlessly. Specify your preferences, and the system will automatically adjust according to your settings.

  1. Audio Multiroom

Creating background music and a good mood using multiroom technology.

  1. Access Control

By fingerprint recognition and face recognition, you can open doors without contact.

Main Work Stages

We assemble all the equipment into electrical panels, configuring, programming, and testing it in our company. The implementation of the project consists of the following stages:

  1. Approval of the technical task, all details of your project with the selection of necessary equipment, and signing the contract.
  2. For the assembly of the automation panel and laying of electrical networks, we make a project. We determine the final list of parts and components needed for assembly. We carry out wiring installation in a short time.
  3. We mount the automation panel. We program the owner’s project according to your requirements. We set up the system according to your requirements.
  4. We deliver the automation panel to the site. We perform installation and connection according to the instructions and electrical project.
  5. The final stage is commissioning and setting up automatic action scenarios and modes. The system already has everything necessary for operation. We sign the acceptance certificate with the customer, after which the final payment is made.

In our automation system, we use high-quality and modern equipment from European, Russian, and Asian manufacturers to provide wide functionality and high quality.

Reshenie.UZ in Uzbekistan has developed standard and individual sets of “Smart Home” turnkey. This set of home automation and security control systems allows our users to live in comfortable conditions. If you are on vacation in another country or at work, you can control your home. Using your smartphone, you can adjust the system’s operation and change settings, entering the necessary data.

For experienced company employees, there are no unresolved tasks. They will quickly and qualitatively design, select, install equipment (smart sockets, temperature sensors, motion sensors), program, and service at a high level.


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