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Main News Self-installation of an electric vehicle charging station

Self-installation of an electric vehicle charging station

29 February 2024

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When you have a gasoline or diesel-powered car, you become dependent on gas stations. When the fuel indicator on the dashboard lights up, refueling the tank at home is not an option. In this case, you have to find a gas station located near your place of residence. Life becomes easier if you have an electric car. After purchasing an electric vehicle, you can become more independent because you can charge them at home. In this case, you will need to install a charging station in Uzbekistan.

Main Actions for Self-Installation of Charging Stations

Most garage and apartment owners hesitate to purchase their own charging station for electric cars. However, it is not difficult to obtain permission for such an installation; it is sufficient to provide the necessary information to the property owners. We have all the necessary documents and key points to obtain approval for installing a charging station.

  1. You need to inform the HOA / Condominium Association about the installation of a charging station.

First, discuss with the management company the location for the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the use of the number of phases (single or three), as well as where it is better to install a special electric meter with a request to call an inspector for sealing. Then send a request to your service organization, and coordinate the installation.

There are cases where charging station installation is boycotted due to alkaline batteries emitting hydrogen, causing explosions in enclosed spaces. Compared to conventional cars, electric cars have different battery designs. Just provide the certificate for the selected charger obtained from our managers.

  1. Purchase a charging device and find an electrician.

Once you have determined the power requirements and received a response to your request, start selecting a suitable charging station and a qualified installation company. If you encounter any problems selecting equipment, turn to our specialists for assistance. We will inform you of the possible expenses you may incur during installation.

  1. Use the services of an experienced electrician.

Our company can provide you with detailed instructions for installing this equipment, including for remote regions of Uzbekistan. When installing, lay the cable at the maximum power to save costs in the future for installing next-generation stations.

  1. Check the device’s operation and start the charging station.

For reliable confirmation of voltage, grounding cable quality, and current strength, the housing management may request verification and acceptance of the installation documented by a protocol. Using special devices that simulate a car, the operability of the charging system is checked.

Why Choose Us?

Use our services to save nerves and precious time, receiving in return:

– A station for recharging electric vehicles.

– Convenient use of stations through a mobile application.

– Assistance in developing a cable installation scheme.

Installation and maintenance services.

Certainly, you will still have to interact with the network and management company, but to a lesser extent. With our experience and contacts, you will be able to understand the situation more thoroughly.

Thanks to us, every owner in Uzbekistan can forget about charging problems and enjoy using electric vehicles.


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