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Main News Face ID for driving schools in Uzbekistan

Face ID for driving schools in Uzbekistan

29 February 2024

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With the development of the social economy, people’s lives have turned into a constant daily flow. Having a driver’s license is nothing unusual, as the need for people to travel from day to day is constantly increasing. That’s why there has been a significant increase in demand for driving schools in Uzbekistan in recent years.

To obtain a driver’s license, every future driver must undergo complete training and pass exams for further travel by car. For safe driving, driving schools should pay more attention to the quality of the learning process, fairly and strictly conducting exams to prevent fraud.

For large driving schools, creating a “Smart Driving School” has always been considered a challenging task. For many years, the identity of students was manually verified, but with the advent of modern reliable authentication method Face ID (facial scanner), where a face is created with the help of cameras, the accuracy of verification has increased.

Automatically identifying, i.e., searching by photo or verifying a guest, confirming the authenticity of this person in the photo, is possible thanks to nanotechnology for facial recognition.

Existing Approaches to Face Recognition System

With the advancement of progress, which is constantly evolving, the company Reshenie.UZ offers users with tablets the Face ID idea, primarily oriented for the mass consumer: the main advantage of this solution is that there is no need to buy expensive facial identification licenses with complex integration structure or installation of a separate powerful server core, as the necessary elements are included in the tablet Face ID. When purchasing two devices, they are connected to the access control mode for entering and exiting the driving school.

We have a wide selection of tablets with different screen sizes (5, 8 inches) for driving schools with a temperature sensor for measuring temperature and turnstile and wall mounts.

Operation Features of the Face ID System

– When signing a training contract, the administrator takes a picture of the client who came for training with a regular camera.

– Tablets with Face ID system are installed on turnstiles for entering the driving school.

– Information about the client from the CRM system gets to the tablet.

– At the entrance to the school, the visitor looks at the camera. Then the tablet takes a picture of them and searches its database for similar photos. The client’s ID is transferred to the access control system for successful access resolution.

– The access control system checks if the client has a contract based on which they can access the driving school.

– If the client has a valid contract, they can access the driving school with the attendance of clients being recorded.

– The manager receives information about the client’s entry with the display of the corresponding window.

Advantages of the Face ID System

  1. Reliability of identification.
  2. Quick response.
  3. Accuracy of operation.
  4. Ease of use.

Implemented by Reshenie.UZ, the access control system is capable of recognizing faces within a few seconds, with high accuracy, scanning 75-85 points. Data from the collected database is compared with the results obtained from data processing. In driving schools, the face recognition service helps track attendance and monitor students during exams. According to scientists’ forecasts, in the future, Face ID technology will continue to evolve and become one of the most promising methods of personal identification.


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