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Main News Design and installation of a low-current system in an apartment

Design and installation of a low-current system in an apartment

29 February 2024

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Every apartment owner should take advantage of the service, install low-voltage equipment in their apartment, and enjoy the benefits. Here, low-voltage networks are meant, which operate on low voltage. They are not dangerous for people and can be practically beneficial.

Types of Low-Voltage Systems

– Fire and security alarms.

– Video surveillance and access control systems.

– Telephone system.

– Local computer network.

– Cable communication system.

– Satellite television system.

– Automated ventilation, water supply, conditioning, and heating control systems.

This equipment guarantees the safety and comfort of the residents.

Requirements for Low-Voltage System Design

The use of low-voltage lines with a voltage of 12-24 V is safe for people. Nevertheless, during the installation of low-voltage lines, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules to prevent short circuits or emergency situations:

  1. Cable and wire insulation. There should be no intersections with other networks (water, electrical) in low-voltage networks. Installation of low-voltage lines should be done in cable channels, either on the surface or inside the wall.
  2. Presence of backup power sources. For uninterrupted operation of low-voltage networks in critical facilities. Conducting regular checks on low-voltage networks helps protect against such situations.
  3. Preparation for expansion. Each living space has the goal of development and expansion, which leads to the need to connect additional computers or landline telephones to low-voltage networks.
  4. Material calculation must be correct. One rule must always be followed in low-voltage line installation – the cable must be laid straight.
  5. Defining the network’s purpose.

Step-by-Step Installation of Low-Voltage Systems

In this case, the development of the low-voltage system serves as the basic stage. It plays an important role in ensuring the reliability and durability of the equipment. Three stages of design should be noted:

– A technical task is drawn up taking into account the client’s requirements.

– A site visit is made to clarify details. Documents provided by the customer do not guarantee the absence of gross errors in room layouts. Therefore, it is better for the engineer to take measurements and analyze the features of the object and the necessary calculations directly.

– A project is created taking into account the necessary equipment, type, and quantity of cable, and other materials. The estimate documentation will reflect this entire list. In addition, it lists all expenses related to costs and the work of specialists.

– A plan for equipment installation, agreed with the customer, is drawn up.

– Installation work is carried out.

– Network configuration and launch. If necessary, personnel are instructed on how to use the installed equipment.

Laying low-voltage lines in an apartment is usually done alongside power networks. The most important rule to follow during installation is not to allow power and low-voltage electrical networks to intersect in the same stack. Ignorance of this rule can lead to electrical interference in low-voltage networks and all other negative consequences. Our company uses high-quality equipment, modern technologies to implement projects on low-voltage systems in apartments. With this, we have achieved the exact result that ensures the complete and safe operation of all devices in this category.


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