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Main News What is IP telephony and what is its benefit?

What is IP telephony and what is its benefit?

29 February 2024

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Thanks to IP telephony, communication in the office can be established. What is this service about and how to use it? Now let’s delve into this in more detail.

IP telephony – telephone communication with IP PBX, where all phone calls go through the internet. For this, you can use a single multi-channel number, which will have the ability to connect to several internal and external lines. The advantage of this system is that it can reduce the cost of international or intercity calls, enable call forwarding, hotlines, call recording. When installing this telephone communication, there is no need for drilling walls and laying wires.

What is the application of IP telephony technology?

In large companies, call centers, it is best to use IP telephony because of numerous calls (incoming and outgoing) from other countries and regions.

Today, thanks to the use of IP telephony, it is possible to make calls from any point. IP telephony is the best option for your business. Thanks to it, you can move around the country and beyond. Regardless of the distance between you and the caller, the cost of the call will change insignificantly.

IP telephony is an excellent option for business people or simply for those who want to communicate with customers. To make communication with employees more mobile, the company offers to use IP telephony. If you need to change your workplace or go on a business trip, you can use this connection, provided you have a stable internet connection. In this case, you will not have to reapply for a number, pay for connection, perform various manipulations. The number to connect to the workplace will remain the same, as the IP to which it is attached does not change. Therefore, you can be in touch from anywhere, using IP transmission of information. You can move to any place and not change numbers. IP telephony is not tied to IP geolocation.

What are the advantages of IP telephony?

Currently, IP telephony has become one of the most reliable and economical solutions in offices of any scale.

What equipment is required to make IP calls?

IP telephony — data transmission technology through special equipment: computer (PC), special telephone apparatus, and IP gateway. It’s up to you to decide which communication methods to use. Many companies now have the ability to organize video calls using a mobile phone, computer, or laptop. There is an opportunity to set up information transmission via a regular telephone and even a fax using an IP gateway.

How to subscribe to the service?

The subscription service for IP telephony is provided free of charge. By using the website and submitting an application, our specialist will contact you to clarify all the details of connecting IP telephony. Through terminals, the website, or mobile phones, you can deposit funds into your account to pay for communication.

If you’ve decided to install IP telephony in your region, then contact our specialists who deal with its installation, they will set up the system and provide recommendations on its operation.

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