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Main News What is an optical transmission line?

What is an optical transmission line?

29 February 2024

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Good day! Today we want to talk about very popular fiber optic connections. They are also called fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL). The name is quite long, so people often use the abbreviated term, such as “fiber optics” or “optics.” Currently, fiber optics, as a data transmission cable, has replaced copper. This solution is more advantageous than using electrical cable. Fiber optic cables are made from special materials: plastics and glass.

There are different types of cables:

One of the options for connecting to the internet is fiber optics, which allows data transmission. Comparing this option with regular cable or dial-up connections, this one can significantly transmit large volumes of data faster.

Fiber Optic Network – What Is It?

During the transmission of information from one point to another, a light beam is used, which passes through the optical fiber and is transmitted through it. The electrical signal obtained at the output of the optical fiber is converted into a light signal and vice versa. Audio, video, and telemetry data will be received through this system. By using high-speed data transmission technology over long distances, information can be transmitted using fiber optic communication.

Composition of Fiber Optic Communication

FOCL will consist of a series of elements such as:

Depending on the purpose, FOCL elements may vary.

Description of FOCL

The emission of a light beam in fiber optic communication is used to transmit a signal inside the fiber optic cable. This method of communication is a great way to communicate. The main thing here is to consider all the features of this method of communication, namely:

  1. Pass system. By using quartz fiber, telephone channels can be replaced, providing high-speed transmitted information.
  2. Small diameter. The diameter of the fiber optic cable is 300 micrometers.
  3. Compared to its copper counterpart, this cable has the least mass.
  4. Using a non-dispersive laser beam, a signal can be transmitted over a significant distance.
  5. Reduced attenuation. A laser passing through glass fiber loses a signal transmitted about 0.2 dB/km.
  6. Reliability and quality of data transmission. Data security over fiber optics is ensured by the absence of electromagnetic signals and optical encryption.

Impact of Fiber Optics on the Internet

Information about why it is better to use fiber optic communication for the Internet is provided below.

Maximum data transmission. The only way to support high-speed internet connection is through fiber optics.

Information security. It is difficult to tap into an optical channel. Thanks to such a transmission line and high speed, data can be protected from hacking and transmitted over long distances.

Using Optical Transmission Lines

During the construction of new facilities (federal, city, regional), fiber optics is used. This is because they have high speed, reliability, and high throughput. Cable television, remote video surveillance, video conferencing, or video streaming – all this is possible thanks to the use of fiber optic channels. In the near future, fiber optic networks plan to use speech signal conversion to optical signals.


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