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Main News Video surveillance for warehouses and hangars

Video surveillance for warehouses and hangars

29 February 2024

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In most cases, surveillance is needed wherever there are large warehouses, hangars, and infrastructure facilities. Many of those who guard these facilities lack sufficient training to perform the tasks assigned to them. Not everyone has the ability to monitor and memorize what is happening in the area. However, video recording of events is a different matter altogether. This can be easily achieved with the help of surveillance camera systems. Typically, for installing surveillance cameras in large warehouse complexes, the specifics of their installation and maintenance need to be taken into account.


Why is surveillance needed in warehouses and hangars?

Statistical data indicate that the majority of thefts in warehouses are committed by employees themselves. Preventing staff from stealing and documenting ongoing events are the two main tasks that surveillance addresses.

Work productivity is also improved – discipline is constantly monitored. In emergency situations, surveillance cameras help quickly assess the situation and take measures to address it.


Variety and individual features of video cameras

– The main difference lies in whether the signal is transmitted via AHD or IP video cameras.

– By mounting method – wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or profiled, hidden and wireless.

– An advanced control system allows for remote control using a remote control and proximity sensors, as well as an executive device.

– Location in the premises – indoor or outdoor.

– Night, day, or combined shooting mode.

– Color and black-and-white types are used for transmitting color.

– There are several types of lenses: fixed, vari-focal (adjustable focus), and zoom (focal distance adjustment).

– Fireproof and vandal-proof, electrical equipment protection. Some models have multiple feature protections.

– For outdoor models, the protection class should be no less than 55-68IP, for indoor models – 42-55IP.


Classification of surveillance for warehouses and hangars

  1. “Economy”

This class includes the installation of high-quality analog video cameras. Many companies use classical surveillance systems in warehouses. Compared to other systems, this is a relatively inexpensive option that allows cost savings. The “Economy” class system can be installed with 4, 8, and 16 cameras.

  1. “Standard”

High-resolution cameras that capture video in AHD format. Modern technology is evolving and displacing old analog video servers. The low cost of the product and the ability to conduct surveillance in high-quality Full HD are what distinguishes high-quality cameras from low-quality ones. This is much more cost-effective than IP cameras.

  1. “Premium”

In the “Premium” class, surveillance cameras are installed with a resolution of 1920×1080 and above. Now, with digital technology, it is possible to obtain high-quality images. It is very relevant to monitor warehouses and hangars with such cameras. It is also important to remember that these systems allow you to quickly find the required vehicle number and identify its owner, thanks to facial recognition technology. Using surveillance cameras to protect warehouses allows you to maximize the security of goods from thieves and other intruders. IP surveillance is the standard for quality video and its functionality.

When choosing a video camera, it is important to consider the budget and capabilities of the customer. A specialist in video monitoring can play a huge role here. They can provide comprehensive information about the premises and requirements for the final product.


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