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Main News The main list of low-current systems

The main list of low-current systems

29 February 2024

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Local Computing Systems

The main purpose of these networks is to provide access to information for a wide range of users, allowing employees to collaborate on specific projects simultaneously. In the age of advancing technologies, these networks are gaining popularity.

Access Control

Access control network equipment comes in the following types:
Autonomous systems – these include various class readers or a keypad for entering codes, as well as a controller that registers correct codes and directs the executive equipment.

Network-based restriction systems consist of multiple readers and controllers, as well as one or more PCs for control and real-time data retrieval; a printer is also connected for printing report data. There are also systems with extensive branching that cover distant premises. They include communication modems with remote points. Often, such systems are integrated with video surveillance.

Security System

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular. Modern equipment of this system allows monitoring events at the facility, making recordings, and programming the behavior of the entire security system in case of emergency situations.

There are 2 types of video surveillance systems: digital and analog (the latter is becoming less popular and relevant with each passing day).


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