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Main News Setting up a Wi-Fi access point

Setting up a Wi-Fi access point

29 February 2024

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“Access point” – what is it? What is its purpose? – you may ask. How to configure it? Connection to a wireless network is done through an access point, which is the foundation of this mode. This article will focus on describing the features of the wireless network between it and the routing device, as well as configuring the access point. And now let’s go step by step.

Where is this access point located?

The network device connected to the modem or main routing equipment, which already has the internet and all the basic settings, is the access point.

A wireless Wi-Fi access point is a separate device, not a router. Both concepts may seem very similar at first glance, but they are not the same; it would be more accurate to say that an access point is a shortened router. The main difference is that the router creates a network and connects to the internet using an IP address, while the access point, through the existing device, allows connection to the “web”.

The main task of the access point is to provide Wi-Fi connection to the internet in various working moments: repeater, point, bridge, etc. The device does not have a built-in firewall, there is no connection to the provider, and there is no ability to assign addresses. When connecting through a router, the point distributes the internet.

How to configure an Android device as a router.

In Android 2.3 and later versions, the operating system can be used to broadcast a connection between other phones, tablets, and laptops with Wi-Fi modules. Make sure that data transmission is enabled in your mobile network before creating an access point.

In the next step, on an LG smartphone with Android 5.0, the following sequence of actions was performed.

To configure the system on an earlier version, do the following:

  1. After the menu, go to “Settings” – wireless networks.
  2. Scroll down and press “More”.
  3. Find the “Modem” or “Access Point” mode.
  4. Perform all steps from the previous instruction.

The launch happens only once. Then the icon appears on the panel. Now, by activating the slider in the network connection settings, you can turn on the point.

Why is there no internet in hotspots mode?

During the procedure, a person may encounter difficulties related to:

  1. Network blocking by firewalls, antivirus programs.
  2. Virus affecting system parameters.
  3. Inaccuracies and flaws in the operating system.

Connecting to an iPhone access point

Programs such as antivirus software, which protect the device, sometimes block all network connections. When creating an access point, you need to configure or disable the firewall in the same settings.

If the installation is not from official sources, the device may be infected with a virus. To fix the problem, turn off the system and scan it. You can try installing a stronger program if this one does not help.

Configuring and managing Wi-Fi access points on any devices is not that difficult. Their difference from routers is that they perform the functions of a separate device.


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