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Main News Parental Control service – protection of children from unwanted content

Parental Control service – protection of children from unwanted content

29 February 2024

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Parental Control Service – Protecting Children from Unwanted Content

Thanks to the rapid development of computer technologies and the internet, there are more alternatives for self-development and communication. It’s no secret that the Internet is a source of danger and threats. Protecting our children from the dangers of the global network: sexual harassment, aggression, internet addiction is of paramount importance. You can use the “Parental Control” service to protect your children from negative influences on the Internet.

What is “Parental Control”

The “Parental Control” service is a special service, set of options, or applications aimed at monitoring and restricting children’s actions on smartphones.

The main functions of “parental control” are listed below:

– Internet access is blocked from specific domains or developer databases.

– Ability to see the child’s phone battery level and balance.

– Mobile internet and all applications will be temporarily restricted.

– Support for viewing browser history and search queries.

The accuracy of the functionality depends on the application. Additional features can help you manage your child’s location, as well as remove any programs from the device and block outgoing calls.

Parental control can be implemented through third-party developers and mobile operators. All options will be considered below.

Ways to Use the System

1. Service Activation

To activate the service, use your personal account.

So, select the “Parental Control” item from the “Services” menu, create and set a password for using the service disable/management. Click the “Enable Service” button.

You will get access to the “Parental Control” configuration system, which is located at the specified address.

Five minutes after activating the service, the system will be fully operational. It is advisable to restart all network devices (router, laptop, computer).

2. System Configuration Page

The system needs to be configured according to your needs to use it to the fullest. Therefore, you should go to the system configuration page after activating the service.

To avoid system configuration by the child, the page is password protected. Enter the password you created when connecting by clicking the “Unlock” button.

3. Main System Functions

With the correct password entry, you will see the main configuration page of the system.

Using the “Status” menu, you can enable/disable the system from the configuration page. Thus, your schedule and information about temporary suspension of the system will be displayed here. There are many other ways to suspend control.

4. Main Categories

On the setup page, you can familiarize yourself with the categories and their descriptions. They look like this:

– General list.

– Social networks.

– Video hosting.

– Torrent trackers.

– Games.

– Dating sites.

– Hostings.

– Chats and messengers.

To subscribe to a category, you need to specify it by clicking the “Subscribe” button. Within two to three minutes, all sites from the specified categories will be blocked.

5. Site Names

You can visit sites that are on the banned list. Simply add them to the “Whitelist,” and the site will not be blocked.

All other sites in the category will be blocked.

To add a site to the list, click the “+” button and enter the site name. Then click the “Add” button. Within 2-3 minutes, this site will not be blocked.

6. Control Schedule

For ease of use, a schedule has been created for using the system. You can enable control only when children are at home.

7. Unlock from the Site

By connecting this service, you and your children, when visiting a banned site, will end up on the splash page.

In case of unforeseen situations, you should use the Google Chrome browser. Protect your child from internet dangers.


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