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Main News Integration of ACS and 1C

Integration of ACS and 1C

8 April 2024

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The company Reshenie.UZ offers its customers an individual approach to the integration of ACS and 1C, taking into account the characteristics and needs of each business. This includes:

  1. Consultation and needs analysis. The company’s specialists conduct a detailed study of the client’s business processes and identify potential vulnerabilities in the security and personnel management system.
  2. Development of individual solutions. Based on the analysis, an integration project is being created that takes into account the specifics of the client’s business and the goals facing implementation.
  3. Implementation and configuration. A team of specialists installs and configures the necessary equipment for ACS, as well as integration with 1C software solutions.
  4. Staff training. After the implementation is completed, specialists train employees on how to work with the new system, which allows them to use its capabilities as effectively as possible.
  5. Support and maintenance. The company provides full technical support to customers after the completion of the project, ensuring the smooth operation of integrated systems.

Integration of ACS and 1C from the company Reshenie.UZ helps enterprises to increase the level of security, optimize personnel management and improve the efficiency of business processes in general.

Due to the integration of the access control system with 1C software products, companies receive the following advantages:

  1. Improved data security: Integration allows you to effectively control access to information in the 1C system, providing protection against unauthorized access and reducing the risk of leaks of confidential information.
  2. Automation of business processes: Using the access control system and 1C software together allows you to automate personnel management processes, such as time management, access control to various modules of the system and others.
  3. Improving work efficiency: Integration reduces the time required to perform routine operations, such as registering working hours or granting access rights to information, which helps to increase staff productivity.
  4. Reducing risks and losses: Information access control helps to prevent data leaks, as well as prevent unauthorized actions by employees or unauthorized persons, which reduces the risks of financial losses and damage to the company’s reputation.
  5. Centralized management: The integrated system provides centralized management of access to information and event accounting, which facilitates administration and allows you to quickly respond to potential security threats.

Thus, the integration of the access control system and 1C software products from the company Reshenie.UZ represents an integrated approach to ensuring data security and optimizing business processes, contributing to improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise.


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