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Main News Installing and configuring the server

Installing and configuring the server

29 February 2024

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What is necessary to organize and control internal processes in a company? Do you want to establish remote access to data and ensure uninterrupted operation of programs, control employee actions, and prevent information leakage?

Optimizing the operation of IT infrastructure and your company’s activities can be done with the help of server equipment, which is configured individually for each client. Thanks to it, you can significantly more effectively control processes in your company at various stages and be confident in the safety of important data.

Types of serviced servers

Each server has its own task and a unique way of performing it.

Provides centralized management of settings for all company computers (corporate network). It can be used to restrict access to specific applications and files, manage user rights to install or use software. The server also provides the ability to introduce restrictions on the use of computer hardware if necessary. In this case, it will not be possible to download the client database to the storage.

Companies that work with us regularly ask us to help solve problems with the server where 1C and accounting software are installed. Sometimes complaints are related to the fact that the system is slow or unstable.

We configure and debug 1C, as well as provide a stable base for its operation and accurately diagnose the cause of the malfunction. We search for and find a solution if it is within our competence.

This method of protecting against email hacking allows you to keep all work documents and information about them on the mail server located within the organization. This provides the ability to have full access to remote messages of employees, both incoming and outgoing, and have unlimited storage time for attached emails.

Provides the ability to use the server’s computing resources for specific programs. At the same time, the power of the computer will not be used, even if the PC and programs are weak, if they are opened through the Terminal server, they will work quickly. This server allows employees to work with various programs (for example, 1C) without being in the office. It is worth noting an excellent security system, which consists in the fact that the user cannot get full access to all databases, and it is also impossible to accidentally or intentionally provide access to intruders.

Thanks to the DHCP server, computers can receive IP addresses from any point in the local network. This simplifies operation, increasing its reliability. Most organizations have the ability to configure a DHCP server.

This allows you to track traffic, regulate Internet access, and restrict employee access to various resources. Often, this service is used to protect against external threats by encrypting corporate traffic.

With comprehensive professional server configuration, employees can continue working in case their computer fails. By working on another computer, they can continue working with the same program or application files, with the accesses preserved.

To configure server software, you need to contact experienced specialists who have extensive experience. At affordable prices, the company provides all types of services for installing and configuring servers, as well as their maintenance.


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