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Main News Installation of Wi-Fi access points

Installation of Wi-Fi access points

29 February 2024

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Wireless Wi-Fi networks are gaining popularity, allowing customers to access the Internet from their computers or laptops via radio channels, eliminating the need for special data transmission cables and providing mobility to users. The Internet is evolving rapidly, and the demand for wireless networks is growing accordingly.

In simple terms, an access point acts as a bridge for transmitting and converting information from wireless to wired communication formats. However, the access point itself does not provide an IP address, connect to the provider, or have its own firewall. It simply relays traffic received from a modem or router over the wireless network.

How to Install a Wireless Wi-Fi Access Point?

There are various installation methods. It can be placed on a table, mounted on a wall, or plugged into a socket, which is the most convenient, simple, and quick method.

Operating Frequency

Access points may operate on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency range. Some models support both frequencies simultaneously.

Maximum Transmitter Power

Transmitter power affects transmission distance and signal strength. Higher power allows for broader Wi-Fi network coverage. However, devices with very high power may require special permissions and registration.

Wi-Fi Maximum Speed

Each access point supports a specific communication standard, which determines the internet speed. It’s advisable to consult with a specialist before purchasing to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Antenna Presence

The number of antennas affects transmission speed. More antennas generally mean higher data transmission rates. However, not all antennas may be used depending on the device and its configuration.

Antenna types include:

– Internal antennas.

– External antennas, which can replace existing ones to enhance signal strength.

Ethernet Port Data Transfer Speed Boost

Ethernet ports connect the access point to the wired network. It’s recommended to select ports with speeds up to 1000 Mbps for high-speed internet connections. For standard connections, 100 Mbps ports are usually sufficient.

POE Support

POE (Power over Ethernet) support allows for both data and power transmission over Ethernet cables, which is useful when access points are located far from power sources. This feature is commonly found in professional-grade models but increases the cost of access points.

Professional installation of Wi-Fi access points ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation. Projects are tailored to client requirements and building configurations.


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