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Main News Installation of a fire alarm system

Installation of a fire alarm system

29 February 2024

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The presence of a fire alarm system is a necessary condition for the construction of many facilities. This applies to buildings where explosive materials are stored. These include healthcare, educational, and industrial buildings.

The safety of any premises depends on the correct installation of fire alarms. Improperly executed work will not only worsen the situation but may also result in fines.

The fire alarm system includes numerous devices and software that provide overall control and equipment management.

Types of Fire Alarms

With these devices, specific algorithms can be activated based on signals received from detectors. In such cases, inexpensive alarm devices with a primitive circuit are used to detect fire conditions or short circuits.

All sensors installed in the premises are registered in the receiving and control equipment, which reads the characteristics of the surrounding space. Instrumentation monitors the dynamics of changing data parameters and makes conclusions about the occurrence of a fire by sending the appropriate signal.

The main difference between this alarm and conventional ones is that a receiving and control scheme, rather than a detector, is used to process the information.

This system allows for the following functions:

This reduces the number of false alarms and increases the accuracy of fire location determination.

Installation Conditions for Fire Alarms

Considering the specific nature of the operation of any type of equipment, installation and operation requirements have been developed. Rules common to the installation of any type of alarm:

When designing a fire alarm project, it is necessary to measure the premises and determine the exact location of the sensors.

Stages of Installing Fire Alarm Systems

The installation of fire alarm equipment at facilities is carried out in several stages.

It is not worth saving on the installation of fire alarms. This is a very important moment that must be done qualitatively and in accordance with the rules.

As this is a rather complex process, it is best to contact a specialized company and entrust its installation to professionals. All complex constructions must be carried out only by professionals with a guarantee of the structure’s integrity.

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