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Main News Innovations in the field of access control systems

Innovations in the field of access control systems

22 May 2024

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Access control systems are constantly evolving, integrating new technologies and functions to better meet the needs of modern enterprises. Here are some innovative trends in this area:

  1. Biometric technologies: Instead of traditional methods such as access cards or PIN codes, access control systems increasingly use biometric data such as fingerprints, facial recognition or retinal scanning. This increases the level of security and prevents the possibility of loss or theft of access.
  2. Mobile applications: With the development of mobile technologies, access control systems are becoming more flexible and convenient. Many modern systems allow you to use mobile devices to open doors or activate a security system, which simplifies the process and increases user comfort.
  3. Integration with cloud technologies: Cloud technologies are becoming more and more popular in the field of enterprise management. The integration of access control systems with cloud platforms allows you to manage access to objects from anywhere in the world, as well as provides easier administration and scaling.
  4. The use of artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence finds application in access control systems to analyze user behavior and detect abnormal situations. This allows you to quickly respond to potential security threats and prevent incidents.
  5. Integration with other security systems: To provide comprehensive protection, modern access control systems are integrated with other security systems such as video surveillance, alarm systems and access control to computer networks. This creates a unified security management and improves the overall level of protection.


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