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Main News High-quality installation of the Windows operating system

High-quality installation of the Windows operating system

29 February 2024

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Currently, there are many versions of the Windows operating system on the IT technology market. Almost every computer owner has made their choice in favor of this operating system, thanks to Windows’ advantages such as:

Convenient, modern interface. A base of free and commercial programs. Windows OS provides the ability to work with multiple programs simultaneously, using various fonts, and more.

The choice of the operating system depends on the computer’s configuration and the user’s priority tasks.

What is the reason for installing the Windows operating system?

Installing Windows may be prompted by the following reasons:

Purchase of a new device without a pre-installed operating system; A newer product from the Windows family; Frequent problems in the operating system – freezing or slow performance of the computer, as well as unstable operation of applications and services; Installing a second operating system on a computer.

When installing the operating system, it is not worth saving on software and buying counterfeit copies of the OS. Moreover, such savings can not only lead to problems with the computer’s operation and its programs but also result in administrative liability for violating intellectual property rights.

When installing Windows from scratch, accumulated user and software content on the system HDD/SSD will be deleted, as well as settings for built-in and other programs. To avoid data loss, you can copy files and folders to another hard drive or flash drive or cloud server.

Windows Installation

Step-by-step instructions:

In the case of installing Windows from a flash drive or disk, the installation ends with driver installation. You can download drivers from the Internet individually or from the disk provided with the PC. Windows will be ready for full operation after activation.

The choice of the operating system depends on the computer’s configuration and the user’s priority tasks. Company specialists, having analyzed the computer’s technical specifications, will suggest the optimal version of the operating system and will perform quality Windows installation on your computer. The product we offer is licensed. The presence of licensed software is a guarantee that your electronic device will work without failures and malfunctions. Our company’s specialists will come to your office or home at a convenient time to install, reinstall, or restore the operating system on your laptop or computer.


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