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Main News Design of SCS of category 6A and 7A

Design of SCS of category 6A and 7A

29 February 2024

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Structured Cabling System (SCS) design includes communication cable and switching equipment that meets all the standards and requirements of the main regulatory documents.

Cable systems based on twisted pair cable are divided into categories.

As the category number increases or the letter improves, the transmission characteristics of the system improve, including the maximum allowable data transmission speed. At the same time, the price of the component increases, as well as the complexity of testing and installing the finished object. Currently, the most popular type of SCS for mass use is category 6A and 7A, so let’s focus on them.

Advantages of Category 6A

Category 6a SCS with a frequency band of 500 MHz is used in internet networks. It includes 4 pairs of conductors capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 10 Gbit/s and is intended to be applied to applications operating at speeds up to 40 Gbit/s.

The 6A cable system provides for the organization of short lines up to 10m long for models with three connectors. It is ideal for modern data centers (DCs), in the construction of which IT specialists have already encountered difficulties in planning and organizing space. As the maximum length of the communication channel decreases in DCs, there will be less need to install additional cables to increase throughput. This will reduce project costs and allow for the rational use of DC space.

All Category 6A components fully comply with modern standards in terms of all parameters, as confirmed by the relevant documents.

Why Category 7A is Popular

An enhanced version of Category 7A SCS with a frequency band of up to 1000 MHz, which is designed to work with 25GE. The cable is designed to transmit a 40GE signal up to 15m. In addition, all types of cable television can be transmitted over one pair of Category 7a.

Category 7a is assigned to private houses that have a “broadcasting and communication systems” system installed. Twisted pair and coaxial cable have different characteristic impedances and therefore different methods of transmission. To connect these two devices, wave adapters with 100 Ohm/75 Ohm and corresponding connectors must be used.

Categories 6a and 7a include optimization products for the parameters of the passive linear part and active network infrastructure, designed to obtain new properties of complex products.

According to experts, the consumption of Category 6a and 7a equipment should steadily increase at present.

After the development of new Category 6a and 7a equipment, which were created and implemented in the practice of transforming cable systems into new developments capable of changing some fundamental provisions of existing profile editorial standards.

During the installation of SCS, it is necessary to observe the rules for laying power and low-voltage cables. Voltage drops cause unpleasant interference in local networks. Quality design and control during installation ensure compliance with the minimum allowable distances of general routing.

As information provided by structured cable network installers, only a few companies engaged in the installation of structured cable systems can be involved in a project for Category 6A and 7A.

However, there are firms that have not been able to certify a structured cable system not only for Category 7A, but also for Category 6.

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