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Main News What is electrical installation?

What is electrical installation?

29 February 2024

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Electrical installation works are such types of work aimed at connecting consumers to the power grid, ensuring stable supply of electricity while meeting design parameters. They can be carried out during the construction of new buildings and structures, during reconstruction, or repair of buildings or individual premises. As a result of their implementation, electrical appliances and equipment installed in the building should receive electricity with the required values of voltage, current, power, and operating frequency. It is important to ensure safe operation of the building’s power grid during electrical installation.

Main stages included in the production of electrical installation works:

After successful testing, the installed system is put into operation.

Types of electrical installation

Requirements for electrical installation activities and their composition depend on the type of electrified object, its technical, architectural parameters, types of installed electrical installations or devices, their characteristics.

What types of electrical installation works are there:

All technical measures related to electrical installation works must be carried out only by specialists who meet qualification requirements and have appropriate permits. At each stage, compliance with all regulatory requirements, including electrical safety and fire safety standards, is mandatory.


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