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Main News Smart parking with virtual alarm system

Smart parking with virtual alarm system

29 February 2024

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Residents of million-person cities, often traveling by personal car to areas with high activity, spend 10-15 minutes searching for parking spots, thereby increasing the load on the road network by 10%. The free service in the mobile application “Smart Parking” allows any user to find out about the number and location of available parking spaces at any time by placing the car under round-the-clock surveillance. In case of any noise or car theft, the car owner will receive a notification from this service on their phone, thanks to artificial intelligence. This feature encourages drivers to park correctly, as improperly parked cars cannot be placed in a guarded parking lot.

Created by Reshenie.UZ in Uzbekistan, the intelligent video surveillance system allows for qualitatively changing urban spaces by making parking lots secure. With the help of “smart” technologies, car owners can save time, money, and nerves.

Basic Features of “Smart Parking”

The most important functions performed by the “Smart Parking” video analytics system include:

– Creating a visual representation of “occupancy”.

– Detecting the availability of free parking spaces.

– Marking spaces for people with disabilities.

– Ability to get a parking space using voice support from “Alice”.

– Activating a specific “car monitoring” function, where with the help of virtual signaling, you can track the status of your car. In this case, the owner receives a warning message on their phone.

Elements of a Highly Automated Parking System

The fundamental elements of automatic parking are considered to be:

– Boom barriers.

– Entry and exit barriers.

– Scoreboards.

– Traffic lights.

– Payment terminal.

– Manual cash devices.

– Computer control unit.

All these elements correspond to a comprehensive unified management program to ensure the complexity of the system. All elements of the automated mechanism are protected from the influence of the external environment, performing their functions in any weather conditions.

The joint software of smart parking is connected to corporate and municipal IT systems, allowing remote exchange of information about parking operation.

What Advantages Does Automated Parking Offer?

Today, there are many reasons to install parking automation equipment on the territory. Namely:

– Elimination of staff intervention in the process of paying for parking time for cars.

– With this system, you can obtain data on parking operation, which will help improve work organization.

– Significant savings on the number of parking attendants.

– The possibility of obtaining a modern technological object with constant income.

A small parking area with a thousand spaces with intense car traffic requires the installation of an automatic control device that presents various requirements. Using neural network algorithms, it is possible to determine the type of vehicle, track its movement, and recognize its number. Before ordering this equipment, a detailed analysis of the capabilities of the smart parking with the flow of cars and the number of spaces is necessary.

The company Reshenie.UZ in Uzbekistan is a developer and implementer of turnkey parking automation solutions. With modern technologies and vast experience, we confidently choose any complex projects and implement them.


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