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Main News Face recognition using ACS

Face recognition using ACS

29 February 2024

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The demand for contactless facial identification is continuously increasing, as envisaged for ACS (Access Control Systems). In modern realities, this constitutes the primary trend in biometric identification systems, with a growth rate estimated at 20 percent. With forecasting in mind, digital augmentation is expected to reach up to $4.5 billion by 2024.

Launching into the ACS Terminal System

Facial identification apparatus is utilized in ACS to track work hours and control access. It also involves integration with CRM systems or ERP. Well-known terminals in the market include “Suprema,” “Hikvision,” “ZKTeco,” and “Dahua.”

Matching Object Verification Speed

Hardware Protection Guarantee

Two-Level Identification

To maximize information retention, the system utilizes template capacity. With high metrics, precise identification is evident. FaceLite and FaceStation 2 have recognition capacities of up to 900 thousand templates. The ProFace X server stores 30 thousand templates in memory, while FaceDepot 7A and 7B store 10,000 templates. The SpeedFace V5 L terminal has six thousand templates. ASI7214X and ASI7223X-A terminals can accommodate up to 100,000 templates.

To access the possible identifiers on the object, the number of users in the terminal’s memory needs to be determined. This metric is higher for significant objects. 30,000 users will be able to control their faces based on FaceLite and FaceStation2. SpeedFace V5L, FaceDepot 7A, and 7B handle about 10,000 people.

Number of Recorded Events

  1. 1,000,000 in ProFace X.
  2. Up to 5 million in FaceStation 2 and FaceLite.
  3. 150,000 in DS-K1T331W.
  4. 300,000 for ASI7214X and ASI7223X-A terminals.
  5. Journal of Speed Face V5 L (200 thousand events).
  6. 100,000 accommodated by K1T606MF, FaceDepot 7B, and FaceDepot 7A.
  7. DS-K1T8105E (50,000).

Detection of Elevated Temperature

Native Language Interface

Dimensions and Volume

Main Camera Specifications

Turnstile Transformation


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