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Main News Audit and testing of structured cabling systems (SCS)

Audit and testing of structured cabling systems (SCS)

29 February 2024

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Quality construction of structured cabling systems (SCS) is one of the key factors influencing the quality of IT infrastructure operation. Technologies are advancing, new applications emerge. Therefore, increased requirements are imposed on the information transmission environment, which cannot be met without the help of SCS. Additionally, it is necessary to consider everything: what type of equipment is used and how it is serviced, which network applications are applied, including priority ones, and the quality of cable mechanism installation work.

Features of SCS Audit

Auditing can be prompted by various reasons. The most significant of them include:

– Networks lack modern technologies to meet customer needs. They need to be upgraded.

– There is a problem with network operation, or it is not functioning.

– Complexity in understanding the current state of the network.

– New equipment needs to be installed, and the number of users increased.

– If you want to modernize and install the system, you will need to undergo an independent audit.

– Suspicions that someone has connected to and is using your equipment or network.

– It is impossible to assess the network’s functionality without project documentation.

– During relocation to a new location, it will be necessary to assess the effectiveness of the existing system’s operation and the technical condition of the cable connection.

– Changes in maintenance and transition to outsourcing.

– Project documentation has been developed independently.

Conducting SCS Testing and Auditing

The purpose of the package is to check the quality of the application installed on the device and confirm its normal operation overall.

  1. The existing structured cabling system (SCS) is investigated, as well as the one currently in use.

Upon identifying network “bottlenecks” and for further trend development of its infrastructure, work is done to determine the current technical condition of the network.

  1. Examination of the SCS project.

This involves analyzing the project work of third-party organizations, identifying problem areas, and providing consultation on further project development. This implies difficulties encountered, paying special attention to working with the designer or installation teams.

  1. Testing, auditing, and checking of the created data transmission networks. Testing and analysis are carried out for new networks, and preliminary control is conducted during installation.

Equipment for SCS Testing

Networking equipment includes a large number of testers, among which there are simple and complex devices

– Testing is carried out using simple testers that determine the correctness of pair wiring or physical connection.

– Mo

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