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Main News Зачем нужен лицензионный Windows?

Зачем нужен лицензионный Windows?

29 February 2024

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We ask you to familiarize yourself, take note of this message, and take action to implement the recommendations mentioned in it!

Vulnerabilities in operating systems (hereinafter referred to as OS) and Microsoft Office software (hereinafter referred to as software) are always among the most extensive and desirable directions for potential penetration.

Some of the types of vulnerabilities are:

– CVE-2021-1727: Vulnerability in the Windows OS, found in the Windows Installer service;

– CVE-2021-1732: Vulnerability in the Windows Win32k subsystem. The main problems pursued by this subsystem are the asynchronization of object creation and destruction with which algorithms operate;

– CVE-2021-40444: Vulnerability in the mshtml module, which is used to work with markup in the Windows OS.

The vulnerability quickly gained a large number of frameworks for reproduction and exploitation.

The essence of the vulnerability is that mshtml is used to download templates for working with Office documents from the network. Moreover, such downloads are made automatically, without any validation.

– other types of vulnerabilities in non-licensed OS.

One of the most common viruses with which we have repeatedly encountered and solved problems for our clients and partners is a ransomware virus that exploits vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office to execute malicious code and launch a ransomware program on vulnerable PCs, then the virus demands payment of about $3000 to decrypt the data (and there is no guarantee that decryption will be provided). The virus has spread widely globally.

Non-licensed Windows and Microsoft Office, in general, are not updated or are updated for a short time, and again, it is necessary to spend time both for your personnel (due to waiting for Windows and Microsoft Office updates) and for the servicing organization’s personnel.

In addition, in non-licensed Windows and Microsoft Office, some Microsoft services and technical support services will be unavailable. An annoying “Activate Windows” notification will constantly appear on the desktop, and access to personalization settings will also be limited.

In licensed Windows and Microsoft Office, all required updates are automatically installed. Thus, the user will be protected from various malware, advertisements, and much more.

The cost of purchasing licenses for Windows and Microsoft Office for your PCs will not be too high compared to the damage that non-licensed software can cause in case of hacker penetration and loss of DATABASES.

We recommend using licensed products to protect yourself from various problems.


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