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Main News The course of study for the specialty “Low-current systems installer”

The course of study for the specialty “Low-current systems installer”

29 February 2024

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Low-voltage systems are used in almost every industry of modern life. Their presence is necessary for people to interact with the surrounding world. It is through them that communication is established with other systems, ensuring a decent quality of life. These include internet and telephone communication, alarm systems, cable television, and many other essential attributes of modern living.

However, there is a shortage of qualified personnel in this field in the market.

With the help of the course, you will learn how to conduct repairs, setup, and installation of low-voltage systems. To obtain more detailed information, it is worth undergoing training from specialists. Upon completion of the course, you will gain access to a service for repairing and configuring equipment. You can fulfill your dream and independently start repairing, setting up, and designing low-voltage equipment networks.

Training Program for Low-Voltage Systems

The training program includes:

– Maintenance methods for systems.

– Diagnosis of major faults, methods of identifying and rectifying them.

– Features and rules for installing technical systems.

– Rules for connecting low-voltage systems.

– Rules for wire connections, as well as methods of interaction with other materials.

Training Format

Training is conducted in a distance format. After you have paid for the services, access to lectures, videos, and presentations will be provided within a few days. The audience should be prepared for training. For this, they will need internet, a laptop, or a computer.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Remote courses allow:

– To start learning without a formed group.

– Attend classes on your own schedule.

– Use the acquired knowledge in practice before completing the course.

– Save on the cost of education. Full-time programs are more expensive.

Training Duration

Depending on the curriculum, courses can be long or short. Individual and group educational programs are developed for clients. Considering the requirements of the GEF, the standard training course for specialists is 72 academic hours. It is necessary to study for six hours a day in order to learn the program in 14 days.

Skills and Knowledge Acquired During Training

Theoretical and practical disciplines are included in the qualification enhancement program. Specialists study:

– Business communication rules.

– Rules for operating electrical installations.

– System for automated design.

– Typical design solutions for low-voltage systems.

– Compilation of project documents.

What Documents Are Issued?

Certificate of qualification enhancement of the established sample is received by specialists after training. Upon ordering free delivery by mail, the document can be obtained. Lost certificates can be restored upon client’s request.

Cost of Qualification Enhancement for Low-Voltage Systems

The cost of training depends on the number of hours and the level of preparation you will receive. Ultimately, the price is influenced by many factors:

– Training duration.

Educational program.

– Number of learners from one company.

To receive a discount, you can enroll four employees on the course simultaneously.

You need to specify the training goals and the desired format in the application. A certificate with a qualification level is awarded after completing the training. Do you have any questions? Call the specified phone number and get the information you need.



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