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Main News Installation of video cameras in a customs warehouse

Installation of video cameras in a customs warehouse

29 February 2024

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Control is usually necessary in all large warehouses. Often, specialists in security structures cannot cope with the task assigned to them. And a person is not able to control and remember everything that happens around. Another option is video recording of events. It is not difficult to perform such a task using video surveillance systems. However, installing cameras in the customs warehouses of the Republic of Uzbekistan has its own features that need to be considered when installing a video surveillance system.

The task of surveillance cameras located in customs warehouses:

– Recording the working time of employees, monitoring the performance of their duties.

– Monitor safety and work efficiency.

– Ensuring the safety of goods and protecting them from thieves.

– Control of equipment movement.

– Accounting, control of cargo movement.

– Analysis of cargo location for timely delivery of special equipment.

Surveillance cameras and access control systems in the warehouse can be linked to logistics software. Monitoring allows obtaining positive results in tracking incoming and outgoing traffic of goods.


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Components of the surveillance system.

  1. Video recorder. Recording is done from cameras with three modes: manual, timer, and motion.
  2. Power supply unit BP-12V/10 A
  3. 4 modern color cameras with IR illumination are used for monitoring premises.
  4. Hard disk. With a 1TB hard drive, you can store video data for up to one month.
  5. Cable KVK-V-2э 2×0.50
  6. For viewing recordings and live broadcasts from cameras, any mobile devices and PCs can be used.

Surveillance systems installed in customs warehouses

The choice of cameras is very large. The individual features of each of them are listed below:

– They differ in the signal transmitted by AHD or IP cameras.

– They differ in the type of mounting, ceiling and wall options, as well as hidden, profile, pendant, wired, wireless.

– The advanced control system allows management using a remote control and proximity sensors, as well as an executive device.

– Location – inside or outside the warehouse.

– Night, day, or combined shooting mode.

– Color and black-and-white options are used for transmitting color.

– Lenses can be fixed or varifocal, zoom.

– Equipment protection – anti-vandal and fire, dust, electric.

– By degree of protection, outdoor models are divided into classes not lower than 55-68 IP, and indoor ones – 42-55 IP.

When choosing a camera, the budget, customs requirements, and customer’s capabilities should be taken into account. The qualification of specialists who will provide detailed consultations on all issues related to video monitoring of premises is of great importance.

To save on video surveillance, it is necessary to correctly draw up a surveillance system project and then start its implementation.

Inventory for processing and storing information

At the future installation site, calculations of the main components and devices are made. According to developers, the presence of video recorders and their functions will allow remote viewing and management from any city.

Thus, for viewing recordings, the video recorder must be equipped with internet access. It is also possible to use servers located in remote and local areas for data storage and processing. Video surveillance can be organized in cloud storage.

Thanks to modern security technologies, video surveillance is today one of the most popular ways to protect against intruders.


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